Publish with a comprehensive workflow management system

eJournalPlus is simplified and comprehensive workflow management systems for scholarly journals and academic institutions.

All in One Solution

We provide an all in one solution for managing scholarly journals. From authors to editors, and reviewers, eJournalPlus provides everything you need from submission to publication. We provide basic and advanced publication services such as giving advice on page design, cover design, references check, and plagiarism check.


Professional Solutions for Academic Institutions

eJournalPlus: Advanced eDitorial System

eJournlplus is an advanced eDitorial System for managing and online publishing of scholarly journals.

Publishing Services: Typesetting + XML

System on cloud-based server Plus publishing services for academic and scholarly journals.

eDitaPlus: Native English Editing Plus check plagiarism

eDita is a professional native English editing for scholarly journals and academic writings.

LMS and UMISPlus

We host and support Canvas, Moodle, and Open EDX. We also help universities and educational institutions with the University Management Information System.

eConfPlus and Video Conferencing

We help schools and universities with a conference management system. We host and support open-source video conferencing systems such as BigBlueBotton and Jitsi Meet.

Digital Library and repository

DSpace is one of the advanced repository systems and digital libraries for academic purposes. We host and support DSpace for the digital library.

eJournalPlus Services

Our systems easily integrate with Crossref for assigning and depositing DOI to published articles.

Crossref IntegrationFor DOI

Our systems are integrated with iThenticate to help you check similarities and prevent plagiarism.

iThenticate IntegrationFor Similarity check