Make your desired themes by our feature-rich customization utilities. We provide customization at different levels of the system. In addition to a variety of several ready-made beautiful and responsive themes for journal websites, we can also design custom themes based on your requirements.

Support & Training


eJournalPlus eDitorial System documentation is rich enough and easy to understand. We also provide some online webinars to support our customers. We also can plan for an on-demand webinar to help you set up and configure your journal.



Run your journals on our highly secured servers from Amazon and OVH. Using our hosting services with our full support, automatic backups, and up to date software, will provide a better service for your journal.

Publication Services


Easing the publication process, we provide all you might need to manage your online journal. We provide services such as giving advice on-page and cover designing, copy editing, reference check, Similarity and plagiarism check

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