Webinar on  Pre-evaluation of Scopus Submission :

Time: Thursday 9-11 May 9, 2019 (Stockholm Time)

Presenting Language: English and Arabic

Prof. Dr. Muneer S. Al-Badrany and Dr. Ahmad Soltani Nejad 

* Dr. Muneer is Dean of College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Mosul and        Secretary of the Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Science. This journal is the first Iraqi journal that indexed in Scopus.

* Dr. Ahmad Soltani Nejad is Information System Manager of eJournalPlus in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a great experience in the best practice of publishing scholarly journals.


- We will use the Zoom application for this webinar. for More information please visit https://zoom.us
- Please install zoom application on your laptop or tablet. 
- You also can attend the webinar using your mobile.
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- This webinar is free of charge and the first 100 people can attend it.
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