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What is ojsPLUS?

ojsPLUS  is based on the Open Journal System (OJS) which is an open source, open access, and online peer review system for scholarly journals.

In  ojsPLUS, we provide services such as hosting, upgrading and customizing  ojs based on customer's needs. We also design plugins and customized themes for OJS along with providing publishing services for scholarly journals.

Our services for OJS

We support journals using OJS3

We support OJS for scholarly journals. Although our focus is mainly on OJS3, we support journals that are currently using OJS 2. Our Support includes  Hosting, upgrading and customization and also programming for OJS. We design themes for OJS based on our customers' need. for more information, please contact us.

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Hosting OJS on the cloud server

We recommend scholarly journals to be published and hosted on a cloud server for security and convenience. We rely on Amazon Web Services. 

Contact us for more information.

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Upgrading and Customization

It is time to upgrade to OJS 3. We help journals in the upgrading process to a new version of OJS. OJS 3 is way better than the old versions. We could provide whatever XML or plugins you might need.

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New Themes for OJS3

We help journals that are using OJS to use new responsive themes and features. For more information, visit some of our great themes at http://demo.ojsplus.com/

Contact us for more information.