Journal List

Journal Title
Adab AL Rafidayn
Al-Rafidain Dental Journal
Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal (AREJ)
Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences
AL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics
Alrafidain of law
Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul
Athar Alrafedain
Basrah Journal of Surgery
Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine
College Of Basic Education Researches Journal
International Journal of Organizational Leadership
Iraqi Journal of Pharmacy
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences
Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences
Journal of Imaginative Business Ideas
Management Issues in Healthcare System
Marketing and Branding Research
Mesopotamia Journal of Agriculture
Mosoliya studies
Mosul Journal of Nursing
Rafidain Journal of Science
Regional Studies Journal (RSJ)
Rheumatology Research
The Medical Journal of Basrah University
Alkhalil Journal
Canadian Journal of Medicine
 Al-Bahith Journal
Al-Qadisiyah Medical Journal
AL-Qadisiyah Journal For Administrative and Economic sciences
Al-Qadisiyah Journal For Agriculture Sciences
AL-Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences
AL-Qadisiya Journal
Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education
Contemporary Islamic Studies Magazine
Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences
Engineering and Technology Journal
for humanities sciences al qadisiya
iraqi journal of computers, communication, control & systems engineering
Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal
Journal of Administrative and Economics
Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics
journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science
Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense
Journal of Kerbala for Agricultural Sciences
Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences
karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences
Journal Of Kirkuk University For Agricultural Sciences
journal of kerbala university
Kerbala Journal for Engineering Science
Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies
Risalat al-huquq Journal
The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning
The Iraqi Magazine for Administrative Sciences
Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences