May 27, 2019


eJournalPlus is part of IT Crown AB based in Stockholm, Sweden. We provide an online, comprehensive peer review system for scholarly journals.

eJournalPlus is an efficient and easy to use peer review system for optimizing publication process of scholarly journals. It is a user-friendly system that can make a difference in what you experience, leading to less user errors and agility in the peer review process. With eJournalPlus editors of scholarly journals can benefit from a better editorial system for their publication process, as well as a better website to present their journal.

eJournalPlus is a comprehensive solution to managing and publishing scholarly journals online. It is a highly flexible publishing system and make it easy to manage manuscript submissions. eJournalPlus seeks to improve the visibility of scholarly journals and make it more transparent through enhanced editorial system. It will help scholarly journals to be indexed in scientific databases. eJournalPlus has a variety of different XML export for this purpose.

Moreover, In eJournalPlus we focus on a holistic approach to be able to provide scholarly journals with services not just for the publication process but also services such as hosting, customization, support & training, editorial services, and reference/plagiarism check. It has been designed to improve both the efficiency of editorial process of scholarly journals and the publishing services.

eJournalPlus covers all aspect of managing scholarly journals, such as a responsive and well-designed website, author’s submission process, double or single blind peer review system, editing, publishing and indexing and more. eJournalPlus helps managing editors of a journal to track all submitted manuscripts including notifying reviewers, associate editors, and authors. It reminds them to take care of assignments that have already sent to them through the system.

In eJournalPlus, each journal has its own unique URL, and its own themes and color. With eJournalPlus, a managing editor can take care of all steps of manuscripts process plus completing journal website. This system is designed to reduce the cost of managing scholarly journals through one comprehensive solution.

eJournalPlus Features

• A responsive interface with variety of different themes and colors

• Registration system

• Online manuscript submission

• A comprehensive Workflow system for editorial management

• Double blind or single blind review process

• Content management and Indexing

• Email notification for authors, reviewers and associate editors

• Online help support

• Single or multiple language support

• User management

• Merge duplicate user’s option

• Payment integration:

• Crossref Integration for DOIs

• iThenticate Integration for Checking plagiarism

• Section Editors

• Variety of different roles for managing journal including Author,  Editor in chief, Executive director, Associate Editors, Technical Editor,  Language Editor,  Managing Editor,  Editorial Board,  Page Designer,  Reviewer,  Publisher,  Production Manager, and  System Admin