eDitaPlus: high-quality native English editing for scholarly journals

We are providing a total solution for scholarly journals: eDitorial System plus publishing services:

  • check similarities
  • Native English editing
  • Check references
    +Graphic layout design
    eJournalPlus is not only an eDitorial system. It is all you might need to manage and improve your scholarly publications


All in One Solution: Professional and affordable
Native English Editing for Academics and students

Advanced Editing for English as a second language authors

Helping you publish your manuscript with professional editors in your field of study
Professional academic editors and expertise will help you to publish your work
Manuscripts, Journal articles, thesis, dissertation, and research report
eJournalPlus & eDita are a Total Solution for Scholarly Journals

We are doing our best to provide advanced editing and proofreading services at reasonable and affordable prices. Both editing and proofreading would help you to publish your work.

We are using advanced techniques to find out similarities and check plagiarism. This service will help you to submit your work with more confidence.

We provide native English editing for authors that English is not their native language. So, our services are limited to editing and proofreading and not paraphrasing and rewriting an article.

Although we provide our services to academic writes that English is not their native language, we mostly focus to extend our service to scholarly journals.

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